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  Some Information about : Indira Roka  
 Indira Roka


 5ft 4in
 Weight  53 kgs
 Vital Stats  34-26-36
 Skin Type  Fair
 Hair Colour  Dark brown
 Eye Colour


  Date of Birth

 27th June 1986
  Address  Sydney, Australia
  Previous Modelling   Exp.  None
  Photographic Sessions Interests
 If needed professionally
 Awards / Recognition  Winner of MINA 2009, Executive member of NRNA, Australia
 Education  Graduated in Salon Management from LKJ college Sydney
Bachelors in Business Management
 Hobbies  Singing, Reading magazines, Anchoring, Travelling, surfing net and social works.
 Favourite Food  Typical Nepalese daal, bhaat and curry
 Favourite Fashion Model  Cindy Crawford
 Favourite Music  Rock music and classics
 Favourite Artists / Band  Missy Higgins, Alanis Morissette, Norah Jones
 Places you would like to go  Switzerland, Paris, Hawaii
 Defination of Beauty  Beauty is skin deep and out.
 Favourite Hangout Place  Beaches and where my friends are
 What do you like in a Man?  Honesty, courtesy and generosity
 Dislikes  Those who disrespect others
 What do you think about internet?  Source of information and good for networking
 Aim / Goal  To be a successful business person
 Would you like to add anything?  No comments, Thank you.

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