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At times they simply over do things. Well it was about time we changed the national anthem, even though the new one does not sound any better...
As though we did not have enough on our palate already the Maoists have come up with a new thing. It’s the flag now. Or to put it it’s the national flag. Please comrades we do not need to change everything that either comes before or after the word national. What exactly is wrong with the flag? The colour, the design –simply beats me. May be at times the solution lies at changing our perspective as well.

At times they simply over do things. Well it was about time we changed the national anthem, even though the new one does not sound any better.

They are so many sectors that we need reform and we simply do not have enough time to waste on petty things. It is easy to get side-tracked by unnecessary issues. And this is an example in case. But the wise thing would be to just leave it alone and focus on other important things like resuming the constituent assembly again.

The way this changing thing is going it looks as though it will not rest until one fine day someone wakes up with the idea of changing the name of our country itself. For haven't we been using the name for too long for it to have been named either by or after the so called dictators.

We do not have time to go after a whim. We have a long way to go and I am afraid we will never reach the destination until we set our priorities and act accordingly.

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