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Prashant Tamang Crowned Indian Idol 3 - Dhruva Thapa   Category: Musikta


Prashant Tamang, a constable in the West Bengal Police had never taken any formal singing class was on Sunday 23 September 2007 crowned Indian Idol after conquering his rival Amit Paul in a grand finale of the over-two month long talent hunt...
It is the passion of Idol contest a reality show all over the world and India is not exceptional in this field too. India has also started Indian Idol contest and this year in India Idol 3 Prashant Tamang the first Nepali to ever participated in the Indian Idol contest crowned the title with record breaking vote this year, that is this year?s contest more than 7 crore vote casted by the music lovers of India and the world as a whole, The winner of the first season of Indian Idol is Abhijeet Sawant.
With the development of television and mobile phone this singing talent hunt program first time started from British Television on October 5th 2001. The show was to decide the best new young singer and it was named Pop Idol in British. Later on the Idol contest became so popular, same program followed by different countries of the world with different title. Such as American Idol is one of the most popular show in America similarly other popular idol series are Canadian Idol, Australian Idol, Indian Idol, Nepali tara (Nepalese Idol) Indonesian Idol, Philippine Idol, Singapore Idol, New Zealand Idol and many more idols are coming up in different countries television, but one of the common factor is all based on phone and sms system.
Indian Idol is a popular television show on Indian television, a singing talent contest to determine the best undiscovered young singer in the country. It is based on the international Idol series format as I have already mentioned above.
The program airs two back-to-back prime-time shows a week: the first night features an hour of performances while the second night features elimination. The show is produced and broadcasted on Sony TV, India.
The participants have to go from the different round of elimination and at last have to reach the grand finale round where they have to perform live with the huge crowd of audience and one week long voting line determines the fate of the finalists. The show is divided into four rounds like theatre round, piano round, Gala round and at last the grand finale of the show that declares the Indian Idol of the year.
This Season three marked the arrival of two new judges on 4 May 2007. Anu Malik is now joined by singer Alisha Chini who replaced Farah Khan, and Udit Narayan also joined the judges who replaced Sonu Nigam. In addition, lyricist Javed Akhtar is also a new judge on the show. Auditions were held on the different dates and places in early 2007 and more than 25,000 contestants tried for the popular show. But this year new judges had to face the criticism by the media saying they were bias and supported unfairly to their loved contestant, among them Alisha broke the rules of judges code of conduct and whole heartedly supported Suhit, chang and even to Amit Paul, among them always Prashant Tamang was ignored by the judges except Anu Mallik who is the gem of the show. He has the vision and true judging power without any prejudice and it seems that he only wanted to search the real talent.
The main goal of Indian Idol is to find a talented singer from ordinary people. I think that Indian Idol 3 has managed to do so. It has already found some great singers from very ordinary people. They come from all corners of India. Many people in Eastern India are now interested about Prashant Tamang. He is from Tungsung village in Darjeeling and you know that Darjeeling is a beautiful place with high mountains. Prashant Tamang is a speaker of Nepalese language and that is why the people of Nepalese origin in India and Nepal consider him their own Idol. Even Govt. of Sikkim declared him the Brand Ambassador of Gorkha community. And it is pride for all the Nepalese living all over the world because he won with record breaking vote of seven crore hope fully this record wont? be breaking in the near future too. Although he works as a Sepoy with Kolkata police, his main fan base is in Darjeeling, Sikkim and neighboring areas.
Prashant Tamang, a constable in the West Bengal Police had never taken any formal singing class was on Sunday 23 September 2007 crowned Indian Idol after conquering his rival Amit Paul in a grand finale of the over-two month long talent hunt.
Tamang, 24, who hails from Darjeeling, has undergone a journey from being a member in the police band in Kolkata to becoming the heart throb of millions of TV viewers all over the country and overseas. The results of the talent hunt were announced at a gala in New Delhi with the final witnessing a whopping seven crore people sending in their votes. Tamang stole the heart of million people with his rendition of the song Yeh Kali Kali Ankhen from the Hindi film Baazigar.
As Bollywood actor John Abraham announced Tamang the winner, the constable thanked his mother, all his well wishers and of course the band of Kolkata police and Kolkata police as a whole in a voice choked with emotion.
The result proved that the people of music lover had gone crazy to vote for prashant Tamang and to see him as a hero of Indian Idol 3. and at last the dream of all the music lovers fulfilled when John Abraham announced the result. Tough he was already become a celebrity in West Bengal, Sikkim and Nepal. Prayers for his success are expressed even in website of Nepalese and non-Nepalese newspapers, websites, forums, blogs etc. It is believed that he has gained a huge popularity all over the world among the Hindi music lover and global Nepalese community are proud to see him as a great celebrity of Indian Idol 3.
?After a long and sometimes bumpy ride, Indian Idol has found its winner?Prashant Tamang. The first Nepali to ever take part in the contest, he beat all odds (no formal training in music and coming from a police background that does not nurture a singer) to become the new Bharat ki Shaan. He has his fans?who were so enthusiastic in voting for him?and the negative comments from the judges?which spurred him on to do better?to thank for winning the title. Here?s wishing him all the luck for his future?
Officially announce by the website
Source: different news media.
Article by: Dhruva Thapa, Berkeley California, USA.

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Prashant Tamang Crowned Indian Idol 3 - Dhruva Thapa

Prashant Tamang, a constable in the West Bengal Police had never taken any formal singing class was on Sunday 23 September 2007 crowned Indian Idol after conquering his rival Amit Paul in a grand finale of the over-two month long talent hunt...
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