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Mingma Sherpa the Twinkling Star of Nepali Music Industry.... - rUnChi

And he came out with his second debut album "FEEL", the song "Chamm-chamm" and "Namuna Banai Diyeu" from his second album, made him more popular. And he came out with videos of those songs, which were mind blowing. The song "Aansoo jhardina ma...
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Prashant Tamang Crowned Indian Idol 3 - Dhruva Thapa

Prashant Tamang, a constable in the West Bengal Police had never taken any formal singing class was on Sunday 23 September 2007 crowned Indian Idol after conquering his rival Amit Paul in a grand finale of the over-two month long talent hunt...
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Music the universal culture - Luckysurya

Culture and Music are co-related. In fact in my opinion they are two sides of a coin that cannot be divided from each other. Culture is way of living, traditional heritage and comprises of custom and behavior of people...
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Reflections?A Nepalese Story! - Anup Bhandari

Discreetly wiping the tears off, he turned to his wife. She was gazing out the window. Maya was dressed in red, head to toe -a sign of newlywed. She wore a gold necklace with black beads-mangla sutra which signified the vows of marriage not just for a life but seven lives and line of red vermicelli ran right through middle of her head.

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Etiquette of Drinking - Pratichya Dulal

I have lost track of times I have advised my friend on the etiquette of drinking. I do not mean to say I have the best etiquette but I have had very little drinking casualties in comparison to her. Which I believe gives me the right to...

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